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Zildjian cymbal dating

It has the laser etched "stamp" with serial number, but the old style model font (no mini A) and the Avedis and Brilliant text on the top side Zildjian logo.

The phrase ‘Made in Turkey’ appears more horizontal on this stamp, that is: less hooked around the moon.

The so-called new stamp looks very similar to the intermediate stamp, with the main difference being the size and location of the star above the crescent moon.

Also, the stamp seemed to imprint the English more thoroughly than with the intermediate stamp, but there is often double stamping, as the cymbalsmiths pressed the stamp twice by hand.

Still, those that refer to this as a “III” do not provide the nuanced IIIa, IIIb, IIIc that can be found frequently used to distinguish these cymbals and date them. It is interesting the case of each of these examples to make note of the shape of the word “in” in the phrase “Made in Turkey” because the word “in” becomes taller in later stamps.

The font for the bottom word “Zildjian” grew taller in this stamp.

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