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Where other restaurants in the city might offer a 13-page menu but offer little expertise, e SUSHI prides itself on the intimacy that each chef knows every dish.

Situated in the middle of Byres Road, and less than a 30-second walk from Hillhead Underground station, e SUSHI is set to be a big hit with foodies with its authentic Japanese cuisine."It still seems the ultimate in desperation," says Joanna, a 30-year-old photographer, over a glass of wine in Bath's Shades wine bar."People do see it as a last resort." Shades, as the closest equivalent to the American singles bars which started up in the Sixties, is an acceptable alternative to the dating agency.An exceptionally-crafted “dragonfly” dish is presented in front of the customer in the form of a dragon, with its uniquely-shaped sushi pieces brought to the table topped with avocado, with additional edible head and tail, sure to make it an Instagram favourite.READ MORE: 5 Christmas events in Glasgow you can't miss this year Proud of its Japanese heritage, the inside has been designed with the modern eater in mind and the use of traditional chopsticks and classic Japanese plates are sure to be a hit."People never come in here on their own," she insists after I have walked past the impenetrable single-sex clusters, panicked over where to put myself and finally perched on a stool by the window.I am the only person on my own in the bar and I stick out like, well, like a woman on her own in a bar."A SINGLES bar, now that's sad," says 29-year-old Steve, as he places the evening's third jug of sangria on the trestle table. "They'd never work down here in Bristol."We're sitting in Rocinantes tapas bar, a hang-out for local media types by day, bare-midriff country for the beautiful and fashionable by night.It is, by popular consensus, the place to come if you're single and seeking.Small, friendly, relaxed, it's the sort of place where you can expect to start up a conversation at the bar without being branded a lascivious loser.But it remains difficult to meet people, especially if you are bold enough to turn up on your own.

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