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But the five men around the table deny vehemently that their favourite drinking-spot is a pick-up bar. "If I wanted to pull, I'd go to a club," says Steve.

"Now Henry Africa's, that is a pick-up joint." Not according to a long-serving waitress at Henry Africa's "cocktail" bar it isn't.

An exceptionally-crafted “dragonfly” dish is presented in front of the customer in the form of a dragon, with its uniquely-shaped sushi pieces brought to the table topped with avocado, with additional edible head and tail, sure to make it an Instagram favourite.

The ATS club in London, founded three years ago by Harry Denford, 26, is just one of the emerging organisations which may yet revolutionise the singles scene.The panoply of gimmicks puts Cupid's dart to shame.Judging by their sheer numbers, attitudes to dating agencies have shifted in the past decade, with more and more twentysomethings signing up."It still seems the ultimate in desperation," says Joanna, a 30-year-old photographer, over a glass of wine in Bath's Shades wine bar."People do see it as a last resort." Shades, as the closest equivalent to the American singles bars which started up in the Sixties, is an acceptable alternative to the dating agency."There is certainly scope for something which is as sociable and easy- going as Shades, but is more refined, more sophisticated," says Joanna, as a woman by the bar has her stockings removed by an admirer, "and which doesn't have the stigma of being a singles bar.That doesn't seem to exist." Indeed not, if Caspers Telephone Exchange, Britain's only official singles bar, is anything to go by. Incredulity gives way to: "What's a nice girl like you..." I descend into a hell-hole of Dantesque misery.With favourites beef teriyaki, chicken katsu, and prawn tempura all on the menu, the food has been cooked by the chefs to the standards set by more than 15 years worth of training in Japan.READ MORE: 21 Glasgow restaurants to try before you die With all ingredients sourced locally, e SUSHI bosses have said the eatery “has Glasgow on its mind but Japan in its heart.” Traditional ramen, noodles, and miso soup are all on offer, with all sushi being cooked to the preference of individual customers.Small, friendly, relaxed, it's the sort of place where you can expect to start up a conversation at the bar without being branded a lascivious loser.But it remains difficult to meet people, especially if you are bold enough to turn up on your own.

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