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One would think that crossing and uncrossing your legs is a pretty obvious flirting method—especially if you’re wearing a pair of high heels or a thigh-grazing skirt—but it’s a move that can easily be overlooked by guys. For example: Casually touch his arm while you’re talking, or playfully tap his shoulder if he makes a funny joke. Twisting and flipping your hair Women always seem to think that constantly twisting and flipping their hair makes them seem like they’re flirting, but it usually just come across as a nervous twitchy habit—not sexy. If you dash to the bathroom to brush your hair or reapply your lipstick every five minutes, guys won’t notice.

Try this instead: Instead of maniacally tossing your hair around, style your locks in such a way that a few strands fall toward your eye, or try rocking some seriously sexy beach waves or a messy loose braid. Try this instead: Put as much effort into your appearance as you want you meet them, but focus your energy on making great conversation instead of worrying about how you look. Winking Okay, it might seem cliché, but some women still might think winking is sexy.

Add me on Skype: sam.franks79 weekend is good so far?When i say that i mean it as in i love to TRY anything at least once. And well im still trying ........much success out there with finding the right mate. Whos to say is right anymore to say decent would be a better term.I might not be right for you ..i can try and be decent...I would like a second female and my wife really does'nt. :)well.....i dont really know what to say when it comes to myself...i guess im an average looking guy....about 5'10"...150lbs with brown eyes and dark hair.For activities...i like to do alot of things......wakeboarding, hanging out with friends...oh yea....having hot sex....just some things i like to do!!!!Think about the hairstyles feel most confident rocking and go with that. If you wink at a man, he might think you have a tick.Try this instead: Make great eye contact while talking to him.Now I'm just thinking that as I write this,just chilli ng/lying on my bed,it's really a good job I am h***y..right now I need to wee soooo reallllly badly , Not being crude / don't do "Crude.."Pervy !! confusing creatures and oftentimes miss the subtle signs we put forth when we’re trying to tell a dude we like them.Try this instead: Highlight some recent personal or professional achievements you’re proud of. You can certainly say a few nice things but you don’t need to tell him how hot he is 400 times, or how he is on the second date.Try this instead: Tell him you like the way that shirt looks on him, how cool his sneakers are, or—if he cooked you dinner—compliment his skills in the kitchen.

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