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No one can agree exactly how much Digg is worth, but valuations range from million to 0 million.

In addition to Revision3 and Digg, he recently launched an Internet messaging service called Pownce.

Thanks to Rose's star power and a well-designed website, Pownce quickly attracted more than 150,000 people, who use it to share music, videos, and links with their friends.

A story with enough votes, or "diggs," lands on the homepage, bringing glory to the user who submitted it and torrents of traffic to the website that posted the original content. It is powerful enough to catapult a site to the mainstream and even take down a company's servers in a matter of hours.) If Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) imagines the Internet as an orderly place governed by clean lines, Stanford math, and general good sense, Digg embraces the chaos of mob rule. There may be something disquieting about the fact that a website like this attracts roughly 30 million visitors each month -- twice the traffic of the website of -- but it's evidence that Rose is onto something big.

Digg has been the continual subject of acquisition rumors for the past three years, and Rose has found himself in meetings with Barry Diller, Al Gore, and Rupert Murdoch.

Something big is about to happen, but it's not a concert.

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The crowd is almost exclusively male, and there's a disproportionate share of khaki.The warm-up acts are a spiky-haired magician and a guy who attempts to pump up the crowd with exhortations like, "How many of you watch video on hand-held devices?" Yet somehow, the audience is eating it up, cheering every time someone mentions Apple, Twitter, or anything remotely technical."My friends, marriage only leads to terrible things like this" is Rose's take on that story.Thanks to this wholehearted embrace of juvenilia, Diggnation attracts roughly 200,000 viewers each week, which would make it a respectable cable television show were it on TV.There were reports Amber and Kevin had hit up The Nice Guy together on Tuesday night, and a potential romance -- and maybe even a brand new power couple -- was brewing.But, when we got Amber (who's really, really attractive) out in L. Wednesday night, she smashed rumors that she's smashing the NBA All-Star, saying they just happened to be at the same restaurant. It's the rest of the NBA breathing a sigh of relief.This means Rose owns an online newspaper, an online television network, and an online communications platform.Ladies and gentlemen, geeks of the world, please welcome Kevin Rose.Rose beams and strikes the kind of pose that only celebrities can pull off -- half a wave, half a shading of the eyes from camera flashes. The show is produced by Revision3, a company that Rose co-founded in 2005, and it was inspired by the wildly popular website, another Rose creation.Digg is sometimes described as an online newspaper or a social search engine, but it feels more like a seedy bar that happens to serve news.

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