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Most everyone appears to be at least mildly inebriated and hanging on Rose's every move, word, and beer chug.

Rose beams and strikes the kind of pose that only celebrities can pull off -- half a wave, half a shading of the eyes from camera flashes. The show is produced by Revision3, a company that Rose co-founded in 2005, and it was inspired by the wildly popular website, another Rose creation.

Digg is sometimes described as an online newspaper or a social search engine, but it feels more like a seedy bar that happens to serve news.

There were reports Amber and Kevin had hit up The Nice Guy together on Tuesday night, and a potential romance -- and maybe even a brand new power couple -- was brewing.

But, when we got Amber (who's really, really attractive) out in L. Wednesday night, she smashed rumors that she's smashing the NBA All-Star, saying they just happened to be at the same restaurant. It's the rest of the NBA breathing a sigh of relief.

Something big is about to happen, but it's not a concert.

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The crowd is almost exclusively male, and there's a disproportionate share of khaki.

Almost immediately, the only woman anywhere near the front of the stage hoists herself onto someone's back and offers -- in jest, we can only hope -- to have sex with Rose, as the crowd noise reaches a terrifying pitch.

Elsewhere, a man with a swirling red light affixed to his head gyrates wildly, like some kind of human squad car.

The warm-up acts are a spiky-haired magician and a guy who attempts to pump up the crowd with exhortations like, "How many of you watch video on hand-held devices?

" Yet somehow, the audience is eating it up, cheering every time someone mentions Apple, Twitter, or anything remotely technical.

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