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Who is cameron bright dating

He plays Manny, the 16-year-old son of Angie Flynn, the smart and sexy Vancouver homicide detective portrayed by Kristin Lehman (The Killing) in Motive, the new crime series that premieres Feb. “It’s really interesting what they’re doing,” says Bright.

The Nanaimo-raised actor said “great scripts” and the chance to work in Vancouver, where he recently relocated, attracted him.

Playing another character younger than himself, and opposite another attractive woman, is something he’s gotten used to. “It’s one of the perks of the job.” He says being cast in Motive is a byproduct of his Twilight experience. It opened up a whole new spectrum.” Although Bright has a new fan base of “Twi-hards,” he’s grateful he wasn’t in the limelight enough to have to worry abut being hounded by TMZ reporters.

Covering Cameron Bright girlfriend and dating status, It is obvious that he might have been in a number of relationship in the past, however, these information have not been found anywhere in his bio.

The secret keeping behavior of Cameron has made us wonder about his dating status.

Meanwhile, there is also no news about his children and divorce phase too.

A few years later, he played a schoolboy who locks lips with Gretchen Mol’s character — a blond bombshell — in the 1960s coming-of-age drama An American Affair.With his entry, he got huge media attention and all the thing is history.Making his film debut from the Butterfly Effect, Cameron Bright came into limelight with the lead role in the thriller movie Godsend along with Robert De Niro.The film was released in the year 2004 and till now, he has appeared in a number of big-budget movies.Godsend, Birth, Running Scared, Ultraviolet, X-Men: The Last Stand, Thank You for Smoking, Twilight Saga and much more are some of his sensational big budget movies.Coming to this far, he falls under the rich category and falls in emerging actor who has already gained huge height and media attention in short span of time.Making his presence in the industry from the year 2000, he has been successful in winning the heart of million people.“[Twilight] showed me how I could be at a certain level, fame-wise,” said Bright, relieved he didn’t become as famous as stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, whose lives have been mercilessly scrutinized. “Doing Twilight teaches you to be a smarter person, that you can’t be out doing crazy stuff,” says Bright, who, with support from his mother, Anne, and brother Bryce, has remained grounded.“People seem to love that TMZ stuff, seeing good people who are praised so much just doing regular-people stuff, I guess.Besides, he is best to reckon for his excellent roles in Godsend, Birth, Running Scared, Ultraviolet, X-Men: The Last Stand, Thank You for Smoking, Twilight Saga and much more.Born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, Cameron Bright represents himself as the son of Anne Bright and Jake Crigger.

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