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There was a Beyoncé train on the fast track to fame and you were either on it or off it.

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‘He gave me the talk about “not messing anything up.” ’ Lyndall says he understood this to mean not to get Beyoncé pregnant. We would hang out and do normal boyfriend-girlfriend things, although I was never allowed to stay over.’Lyndall recalls cycling up alongside his teenage girlfriend as she pounded the pavement and asking why she was belting out songs as she ran. ‘Because Daddy told me it would increase my breath control and lung capacity,’ she replied. She needed someone like Jay Z to take her to the next level. But he says Beyoncé was already ‘fixated’ on fame when he first met her at a Houston church in 1993 after being introduced by her best friend Kelly Rowland, later a member of Destiny’s Child.‘Tina was a glamorous lady who ran a house, worked in her hair salon and worked promoting Beyoncé as well as being a fantastic mother.’ Even when Tina’s husband cheated ‘she stayed strong and kept the family together’.Lyndall says he experimented with marijuana and alcohol but his girlfriend was never tempted.‘We shared our first kiss at a Brian Mc Knight concert when Bey was 13. ‘I need to be able to perform onstage for hours when I become a star.’Rare in the world of dumped celebrity exes, Lyndall, 36, is not bitter and pragmatically accepts that Beyoncé outgrew him. Lyndall, the product of a broken home, says he was delighted to be welcomed into Beyoncé’s much more middle-class life.Her father was a middle manager at Xerox and her mother Tina ran a successful hair salon, where Beyoncé would hone her performances in front of ‘tough black ladies sitting under hair dryers’.Once they started to hit big it was obvious she was changing,’ he explains. I told her she was becoming a whole new kind of person and she looked at me and said, “I am.”There were perks of her growing fame.Beyoncé secured backstage passes to see Janet Jackson perform in LA in 2000 and took Lyndall along.There was a failed appearance on a US talent show Star Search.But finally, in 1996, after years of only limited success, Beyoncé had her first hit, as part of the group Destiny’s Child. Beyoncé’s career was taking off, but I was still the small-town kid.’‘She was promoting Destiny Child’s second album and I was back home smoking weed.I have to think smart and staying there would not have been smart.” ’The new book lists in endless detail how managers were hired and then dumped.So, too, were girls hired to sing and dance alongside Beyoncé as she worked the talent-show circuit in Houston and then nationally.

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