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When the music stops dating

Then Exeter let him train for a week and he had a brief spell at Grimsby. Or maybe a scout.'For the next 18 months, he did nothing. 'Sleep through a Saturday is the best way for me to describe it. But now it's getting to noon and you are nowhere near a football ground.

'All I wanted was accommodation in a B&B somewhere near.'For a while there were no takers. But in the winter it was depressing.' Matchdays were the worst.

Players can have the houses and cars and still have a load of money in the bank when they retire. I just can't relate to it.'Webb is shocked, even hurt, by people's reaction to his being a postman.

'Growing up, I was just a kid who wanted to play for Reading. I kept going up and up and when you get so high, you have got to come down. All I could do was play football.'On Boxing Day in 2002, soon after he started working for Royal Mail, the Sun announced on its front page that a former England star was now a postman.

I was convinced that a Second or Third Division club would come in.' But the calls never came and, after a spell at non-League Aldershot, he retired. I still can't believe no one would give me a chance.'The pain faded when he became manager of Weymouth. You don't see the ground fill up, or the inside of a dressing room. It's best just to sleep.'Webb was sure he would soon be back in football.

'I always knew I would have to work again after I retired.

They would write back saying I did not have the right experience. How do I get experience if no one will give me a chance?

It's the same if you are a young kid trying to get on the working ladder or someone like me, 36 then, trying to find employment. Alan Ball, Brian Clough, Alex Ferguson and Bobby Robson all coached me.When the Music stops is a Dating Events Company based in England UK, their website is at Running Speed Dating, Dinner Dating, Personal Introductions, Lunch Dating and Themed Events - they also cater for the stay-at-home seeker through their online dating site - But I was hoping that it would still be in the game.I was firing off letters to clubs, asking if they had a position for me.I always put that on my CV but it doesn't seem to work.' Webb started to feel restless.His marriage to Shelley, the television presenter, was over. At the time, he was rated the best player in England. A goalscoring midfielder, he soon moved on to bigger clubs, first Nottingham Forest then, in 1989, Manchester United bought him for £1.5 million.I asked about the hours and it did not sound too bad.So I applied for a job.'When I first started there, people would say, "What are you doing?

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