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When the music stops dating

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At the time, he was rated the best player in England.

Then Exeter let him train for a week and he had a brief spell at Grimsby. Or maybe a scout.'For the next 18 months, he did nothing. 'Sleep through a Saturday is the best way for me to describe it. But now it's getting to noon and you are nowhere near a football ground.

'All I wanted was accommodation in a B&B somewhere near.'For a while there were no takers. But in the winter it was depressing.' Matchdays were the worst.

Knowing that he had had to join the "real" working world was a help.' Webb started to do delivery jobs for a friend. It got me out of the house and doing something, which was good.'After Webb married again, he started looking for more settled work.

'My wife's brother has been at the Post Office since he left school.

I had the nice house and smart cars but I knew there would have to be something else.

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There was no way I could afford not to work again after 35.'It's completely different now.

'I was looking after my two lads, which was great, but you need to fill something in your life. My dad was a professional footballer in the Sixties.

When his career ended he did shift work at the Courage brewery.

'This reporter had been knocking on my door for three days. " He said, "You being a postman." I said, "So what? But it's even better when a kid who wasn't born when you retired comes up to you and says, "I've seen you on video.

" "Well, you played for England."'I asked him if it looked like I was destitute. 'The story belittled my neighbourhood, my house, what I was doing. You were a really good player." That's rewarding.'Webb goes to his local pub most Sundays to watch the 4 o'clock Premiership match.

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