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What questions to ask in an online dating email

If you take the advice laid out in this article by using these key online dating questions to ask before meeting, then you may just find the relationship you are seeking through your online dating account.

Today, 22% of relationships start online, thats why online dating conversation starters are so important.

Asking this question will also help you to weed out the people who copy and paste the same email when they first make contact.

You would be surprised how many people put together an email they think will work, and then paste it into every profile they have a vague interest in.

By demonstrating you have a sense of humour and are open, you encourage them to do the same, potentially increasing a connection. By initially finding out what they think a good start to the weekend looks like you can see if they are your sort of person.

If they say recovering from a hangover, while you like to get up and run, then that may suggest incompatibility.

This means you have to prioritise which of the five questions outlined here is most important you. It’s crucial that your potential date does not realise you are specifically targeting them with questions to ask in email that you are using to vet them.

The key is to ask the question naturally within the structure of your email. So let’s look at the five best online dating questions you can ask in email to stand the best chance of getting a first date that is a pleasurable experience.

Aside from being introduced through mutual friends, online dating is now the second most popular way to meet someone.

But to avoid ending up being featured in articles about the absolute worst in pick-up lines, you might need a little help coming up with that perfect thing to say.

Weave them in naturally, conversationally, so that your potential dates does not feel under pressure.

Also try not to ask more than one question per email. Try to let your text flow organically and practice the format beforehand if necessary.

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