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The most recent work in some of the high cirques of the Cairngorms led by Martin Kirkbride of Dundee University has argued that small glaciers may have been present in the Highlands of Scotland during the Little Ice Age – perhaps even as recently as the 18th Century.

He is especially interested in the mountain landscapes of the Mediterranean and published The Physical Geography of the Mediterranean for OUP in 2009.

He is the author of The Ice Age: A Very Short Introduction.

He tweets @Jamie_Woodward_ providing a colourful digital companion to The Ice Age VSI.

Experienced genealogical researchers use clues found in one record to find other records about the same individual.

It shows the narrow highway snaking through a rock-strewn Hell’s Glen not far from Loch Fyne.

Even though Buckland had already recognised glacial features in Dumfriesshire earlier that month, it can be argued that this was the first glacial fieldtrip in Britain.Jamie Woodward is Professor of Physical Geography at The University of Manchester.He has published extensively on landscape change and ice age environments.By radiocarbon dating the oldest organic deposits in these basins, it was possible to establish a minimum age for the last phase of glaciation.A good deal of this work was carried out by Brian Sissons and his graduate students at the University of Edinburgh.Agassiz wasted no time in communicating these revelations to the geological establishment.The following is an extract from his famous letter to Robert Jameson (1774–1854) that was published in The Scotsman on 7 October 1840 and in The Manchester Guardian a week later: “…Following the widespread use of radiocarbon dating in the decades after the Second World War, it was established that the last Scottish glaciers disappeared about 11,500 years ago at the close of the last glacial period.Many of the cirques of upland Britain are now occupied by lakes and peat bogs which began to form soon after the ice disappeared.These geological giants were searching for signs of glacial action in the mountains of Scotland and they were not disappointed.This tour was an especially important milestone in the history of geology because it led to the first reports of the work of ancient glaciers in a country where glaciers were absent.

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