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Avatar and Korra boasted well-crafted storytelling and crisp beautiful animation set in a fantastic, immersive world centered around a dynamic cast of characters.

The stories of Aang and Korra have grabbed onto fans, who can't get enough of this world, and we can't blame them.

The series started out with the premise that the trio were actually a crime-fighting detective squad, but that quickly fell by the wayside; replaced with adventures spanning from the mundane to the surreal to the horrifying.

Throw in gruff, Foreigner-loving neighbor Carl and you had the perfect recipe for absurd mayhem and unnecessary bloodletting.

Spongebob is a naive, bright-eyed fast food cook and his friend, Patrick, is dumb and short-tempered. From Mike Judge (Beavis and Butt-head, Office Space) and Greg Daniels (Simpsons, The Office), King of the Hill felt more like a regular family sitcom when compared to its more satiric and surreal peers; telling sweet, funny traditional-style stories that revolved around marriage, work, and coming of age.

Together, they make Spongebob's pretentious co-worker, Squidward, miserable. Lasting 13 seasons, this series proved there was a market for animation outside the realm of rapid-fire references and lampooning.

Here's our list - from Rocky and Bullwinkle to Rick and Morty - of the 25 best animated shows for adults...

Part of Adult Swim's early insane asylum lineup, Aqua Teen managed to create iconic characters out of a dim-witted ball of beef, a pompous container of fries and a shrieking, selfish milkshake.Yes, it's cheating to combine both The Legend of Korra and Avatar: The Last Airbender, but they both need to be on the list and real estate space is limited.And what creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante Di Martino managed to do with their Avatar sequel, Korra, was to arguably outdo themselves; which is a rare thing for a spinoff series, animated or not.Then it was picked up by Adult Swim with the directive that it not try to appeal to a network audience at all.What remained was a potent, poignant, sometimes controversial look at politics and race as brothers Huey and Riley Freeman (both voiced by Regina King) and their grandfather addressed hot button issues in unconventionally humorous ways. " or "Evil is out there making hand-crafted mischief for the swap meet of villainy!They also garnered enough controversy with their fictional antics that MTV put up the following disclaimer at the top of each episode: "Beavis and Butt-Head are not role models. To put it another way: Don't try this at home." A wonderful, whimsical delight, Adventure Time roared onto the scene and became, in short work, a Cosplay-worthy hit.The never-ending adventures of Finn the Human (Jeremy Shada) and Jake (John Di Maggio) might seem aggressively random to the untrained eye, but for those who watch, there's a method, and sadness, to the madness.Having recently aired its fifth and final season, after 12 years off the air, Cartoon Network’s Samurai Jack landed an intense, bloody, and emotionally devastating conclusion to what was already a masterwork of animation and storytelling.Genndy Tartakovsky’s superb saga of an unnamed samurai sent through time to a dystopian future garnered critical acclaim as viewers were left stunned by jaw-dropping visuals.It was a disarmingly smart series about two dumbasses.Pop culture stardom then took hold as Beavis and Butt-head eventually got their own merch and movie. Some of the things they do could cause a person to get hurt, expelled, arrested, possibly deported.

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