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From 2001 to 2005, Bayh served as Chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC).

He is also a member of the Senate Centrist Coalition, helped establish the New Democrat Coalition, and founded the Moderate Dems Working Group.

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According to the Associated Press, Bayh spent a significant portion of his last year in office searching for a job, holding over four dozen meetings with potential corporate employers between February and December 2010.

After leaving the Senate, he was replaced by his predecessor, Dan Coats, and became a partner with the law and lobbying firm Mc Guire Woods in the firm's Washington, D. office, Bayh was born in Shirkieville, Indiana, the son of Marvella Bayh (née Hern) and Birch Evans Bayh Jr., who was a U. Senator from 1963 until his 1981 defeat by then-Representative and future Vice President Dan Quayle. Bayh was first elected Governor of Indiana in 1988, defeating former Kokomo Mayor Steve Daily in the Democratic primary.

Bayh was the first Democrat to serve as Governor of Indiana in 20 years.

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