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Usain bolt dating reality show star

He is a man who defines athletics, transcends sport and embodies his homeland, a man whose signature lightning pose has become a symbol of inspiration for generations now and to come.

While it's not known if staff tried to chase after him, something tells us even if they had they wouldn't have caught him.

As soon as Usain woke up and realised his mistake he headed straight down to the club to settle his debts.

He’s the ultimate party clown'However, others have pointed out that Bolt has not been at the house for weeks and was not to blame for the loud party last weekend that prompted Jodi’s outburst.

She claims she has reported Bolt’s behaviour to the local police but they refused to intervene ‘because it’s Bolt’.

We come first, we win on the track and we will win in the boardroom.” The pair are apparently no longer dating but remain on good terms, having been pictured leaving Mahiki together in August of 2014.

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So does this give April the edge she needs to beat out the rest of the competitors? But she’s going to need to stop screwing things up first.

Jodi and sprinter Bolt live in a smart Norbrook housing complex in a suburb of Kingston, Jamaica.

Another neighbour backed up her complaint, saying Bolt had been ‘the neighbour from hell’ adding: ‘He has parties which start in the afternoon and go on until 3am, 4am, whatever he chooses.

Joined by wild child Lindsay Lohan and Daisy Lowe, Usain even tried his hand behind the DJ decks at the swanky club before calling it a night.

But in all his excitement the 29-year-old headed home without paying his bill.

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