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Updating sprint phone

Tap the red "End" key to exit to the phone's home screen. Updating your phone firmware will erase all user data from your phone.

It would be impossible for Sprint to update each individual phone, so Sprint phone owners have to update their phones manually.

Updating your phone once a month will ensure that you always have the best Sprint connections available no matter where you may be. Ask them to flag your account for the Preferred Roaming list.

When Essential releases a new software update, it will be available to all Essential Phones, except those using certain cellular networks.

Currently, devices on all networks except Sprint and TELUS will receive instant software updates (related article: Updating your phone's software).

Carrier settings updates let your carrier provider update carrier network and related settings to improve cellular network connectivity and performance.

Carrier settings updates can also add support for features like Vo LTE or Wi-Fi Calling.

Updating your Sprint cell phone ensures that your phone recognizes all of the available nearby towers.

When your phone can recognize all the towers it will be able to function at its optimum level, which means you will get the best reception and service possible.

Touch the "End" phone key to exit to the phone's home screen.

Tap the green "Phone" key from the phone's home screen. Tap "Update PRL" and wait for the update to complete.

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