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Updating partition details in twrp

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Plugging the device in I was able to flash the device straight away and bring my Xoom back to life and make use of an old tablet again! Jd=function(a,c)function d(a,d){if("string"===typeof a)for(var f=[],g=[],h=[],l=[128],q=1;64q; q)l[q]=0;var t, C;a();return{reset:a,update:d,digest:e, Dg:function(); _.k.get=function(a,c);var ve=function(),xe=new te(function(),function(a));ve.prototype.add=function(a,c);ve.prototype.remove=function();var we=function();we.prototype.set=function(a,c); we.prototype.reset=function(); var ye=function(a),ze, Ae=function(); var Fe=function(a,c), Be, Ce=function(), De=! Xc=function();;_.Event Listener=function(a,c,d,e);_.k.remove Event Listener=function(a,c,d,e); _.k.dispatch Event=function(a);var Lf=function(a);_.If this helped you in any way or you want to share your methods on remedying this error then comment below! And accidently wiped all partitions (system, data, caches...). Tried installing Cyanogen mods via TWRP but error saying ==== Unknown command "screenshot" Couldnot mount /spare ==== Also tried flashing default ROMs..error . After that, as for errors, I suggest you to try flashing a old version of recovery ( In case you are flashing latest).A lot of android users have ran into this issue at some point or another, including myself.You went to flash the latest and TWRP reports error 1.If you review the logs it usually will fail at backing up the before being patched by Magisk, good news is that this is a very easy fix!Sometimes Magisk simply will not flash because Super Su and or an old version of Magisk is already installed.This can be corrected by flashing the to remove Super Su and the to remove any outdated versions of Magisk already installed.

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