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Ehab Eid of the Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan said that, in addition to the port structures, the excavators found a pottery kiln and workshops for the maintenance and manufacture of ships and sails.

As many as 80 soldiers are thought to have been buried across the wooded battlefield.

Archaeologist Tom Gresham and his team have examined five of the spots identified by the dogs with ground-penetrating radar.

“That will help tell the story more precisely of where the troops were, where they were firing from, what positions they were defending,” Gresham explained.

For more on the archaeology of the American Revolution, go to “Finding Parker’s Revenge.” , two new DNA studies investigated why the residents of Vanuatu speak languages related to those found in Southeast Asia, even though their genetic ancestry is more similar to that found in Papua New Guinea, which has its own distinct languages.

Later inhabitants of the archipelago were primarily Papuan, but also carried Austronesian ancestry.

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The team led by David Reich of Harvard Medical School suggests the original population was almost completely replaced by Papuans by around 2,300 years ago.

It held the remains of four adults and a small child who had been placed in upright coffins within two rooms.

Some elements of their clothing and a set of Rosary beads were also recovered.

The coins bear images of King Henry VI of England, Bishop of Utrecht David of Burgundy, and Pope Paul II.

For more on archaeology in the Netherlands, go to “Letter From Rotterdam: The City and the Sea.” RZESZÓW, POLAND—Traces of an older wooden church and human remains were found underneath the floor of the Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Rzeszów during renovation and restoration work, according to a report in .

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