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Both studies indicate that the first people to reach Vanuatu some 3,000 years ago came from Taiwan.

About 500 years later, they were joined at Vanuatu by people of mostly Papuan ancestry.

Further research could help the archaeologists identify the distinguished occupants of the two crypts. “Last year, 1,000 pieces were discovered this way, which proves that the ruins may be close to the surface and not always buried deep in the ground,” said Hussein Fleih, Babylon’s director of antiquities.

For more on the archaeology of the American Revolution, go to “Finding Parker’s Revenge.” , two new DNA studies investigated why the residents of Vanuatu speak languages related to those found in Southeast Asia, even though their genetic ancestry is more similar to that found in Papua New Guinea, which has its own distinct languages.

But the other team, co-led by Cosimo Posth of the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, suggests the Papuans mixed into the original settler population gradually.

They say this gradual mixing could account for the characteristics of the language spoken on Vanuatu today.

Later inhabitants of the archipelago were primarily Papuan, but also carried Austronesian ancestry.

The team led by David Reich of Harvard Medical School suggests the original population was almost completely replaced by Papuans by around 2,300 years ago.

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