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Updating dell usb software

Is there any way to work around this, or do I need to use an ARM device to test my applications?BIOS update utilities and files are often provided as files.

As I said I am facing this issue only with my laptop.

Do I need to consider the chipset compatibility on windows 10?

Its simpler that way rather trying to keep older devices working even if you have to switch. I can't know what model you use but I will give a nod to for their under 20 buck adapters. I do not expect Dell to have or know about the USB to serial adapter driver. I already checked the USB ports and found no issues with the port.

You may seem to be same serial type devices, but unknown to many users that "VERSIONS" do differ like ie: ver. I can interface this device with a desktop which is having windows 10.

Anyhow, Windows 7 doesn't have these USB to serial adapter drivers either.

I have thousands of users on my apps so it's a common issue we know about.

Even if you have to pay for it, its the hassle of getting everything up and running again.

Once working, then install the Win10 which will be seen as an upgrade sorta but it can refer to the old install finding drivers or *YOU* the user can pointing to the folder files.

The other method is to alow under Win10 to find drivers online, searching for what it needs. Also, you may want disconnect any attached USB devices until the OS itself has been installed and working, then later reboot and attach the troublesome USB devices and see if it finds drivers. That can be found on the decal/sticker or PC status checker that digs for such, provided it can be found on details that small.

Of course, you should at least using the proper ID of attached devices search the vendor/makers support website. I offer that as the desktop works but the laptop doesn't.

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