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Updating content types

You also need to have multiple content types enabled.See Turn on support for multiple content types in a list or library for more info.Thanks, Joseph My experience in these scenarios is that you need to iterate through all usages of your contenttype manually and add your field to each instance of the content type.

After much head scratching, web browsing and trial and error I discovered that when retrieving my content type collection I was inadvertently getting a read only collection.

Important: To add content types to a list or library, you must have at least the Design permission level for that list or library.

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I am going to split my findings up into several posts. List Content Type is still associated with the list 4. Deactivate the Feature (list CType gets grandad as the new parent) 4. Can we remove a Content Type that’s been customised in the GUI by deactivating a Feature ?

I will detail each set of tests then summarise at the end what I think should be best practice if you want to update these. The Lists Content Type “Parent” is now amended to be the “Grand Father” Content Type (e.g. Reactivate Feature (list CType gets the real dad back) 1. Is there anything wrong or perhaps somethign extra that I need to do to push the field to the list?If I add the field from sharepoint directly (rather than from code) to the content type, it does update the list as well. List Content Types parent is still the real parent 4. List Content Type is still associated with the list 3. Change the “name” of the Content Type in the GUI 4. This action takes the same CAML (as you would use in a feature), but SAF processes it, instead of the standard Feature provisioning in Share Point.If the list content type has custom attributes that the parent content type does not have, these customizations are not overwritten.You can specify the order in which content types are displayed on the New Document button for a list or library.I have tried both Update Including Sealed And Read Only(true) and Update(true) and it is not updating my list with the new fields.The field simply does not appear in the list, although it appears if I go to Site Settings | content Types and open the content type.Can we remove a content type by deactivating the Feature that deployed it? the List Content Type gets granddad as its new dad! ) Can an “orphaned” List Content Type be re-parented by reactivating the feature containing the CAML for the real dad?

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