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A hard and thick stratum of lava arches in the buried city, the streets of which are regularly laid out and inclosed by walls of stone, which is cut and dressed in a fairly good, although rude style of masonry.That being the case, why is the Midwestern Epigraphic Society apparently engaged in suppressing the most important information about a sensational Moberly, Missouri coal mine discovery in 1885?

Found docker image a49fe18 (17 months old) from docker Hub for "kubernetes/guestbook" * An image stream will be created as "guestbook:latest" that will track this image * This image will be deployed in deployment config "guestbook" * Port 3000/tcp will be load balanced by service "guestbook" -- You should see something similar to this: Good catch, your service is running but there is no way for users to access it yet.

We can fix that from the web console or the command line.

You exposed a route for clients to access that service via thier web browsers.

And you learned how to get and describe resources using the command line and the web console.

To create a service using Tectonic Console: The deployment specifies a readiness probe and a liveness probe to determine when it is safe to send traffic to each instance of the application.

If the readiness probe fails, the rolling update will be halted automatically. If the liveness probe fails at any time over the life of the pod, traffic will be shifted away from the pod.

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Kubernetes uses rolling deployments to update an application between releases.

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