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Some young people believe that internet dating

A rising share of births are to mothers who are not married, meaning that marriage is no longer seen by many as the only gateway to parenthood.

A rising share of young adults, especially women, are pursuing advanced degrees, and waiting for marriage until they are done with their education and established in the workplace.

The choices of these young adults are in large part responsible for the growing share of Americans who have never married.

Other times they learn it from friends or popular culture.

It’s most important to know that abuse is a choice, and it’s not one that anyone has to make.

The median age at first marriage, which declined for the first half of the 20 century, has been rising since then.

As recently as the early 1980s, the median age for men was 25 and for women 22.Only 12% say they do not want to marry and 27% are not sure.That same survey found that a trip to the altar is not so appealing for those who have been there before.Anyone can be abusive and anyone can be the victim of abuse.It happens regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, race or economic background.Young and old, married and unmarried are equally skeptical. Especially for those who have never wed, marriage remains a life goal.About six-in-ten (61%) men and women who have never married say they would like to get married, according to the 2010 Pew Research survey.By D’Vera Cohn Americans believe that love is the main foundation of marriage.Most who never have been married say they would like to be at some point in their lives. The romantic ideal of marriage plays out in survey data that show whether they are married or not, Americans are more inclined to choose “love” as a reason for marriage than any other factor.Though they say they would like to wed, most Americans are not in a hurry to do so.In 2011, the median age at first marriage was at a record high—about 29 for men and about 27 for women, according to census data.

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