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Michelle is struggling with her parents's divorce and this affects the team.

Meanwhile, James and Riley try to see things from one another's perspective; and Ella tries to convince Noah that A-Troupe is the right place for him. Riley and Ella play one last prank on James before Ella returns to England.

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An unexpected supporter of The Next Step offers to help.

Alfie considers Noah's health problems and surprises Riley with a plan for the qualifiers.

Meanwhile, Amanda and Noah open up to one another; and La Troy makes an unexpected decision in the wake of receiving news from his dad. Jacquie gets an enticing offer from a familiar foe. Kingston asks for Lola's help to take his dance to the next level.

Piper and Amy's secret plan is put into action, as the dancers rally to unite the studios under one banner.

Amy's future at the studio is threatened when her mother makes a difficult demand.

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