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Tracy announces to Jim (who is in charge of organizing the school's student government) that she is running for student body president, telling him they "will be spending a lot of time together." Jim finds Tracy's unbridled ambition and sexual manipulation repugnant.With Tracy appearing to have no opposition, Jim decides to teach Tracy a lesson in humility by encouraging another student, Paul Metzler, to enter the race.

Paul is a polite and popular football player, who has been sidelined due to a broken leg, leaving him depressed.

Jim convinces Paul to declare his candidacy, giving him new purpose.

While working on a yearbook project at school two nights later, Tracy notices that one of her posters has come untaped from the wall.

In her attempt to fix it, she accidentally rips the poster apart.

In retaliation, Tammy decides to run for president as well, with a nihilistic platform that student government is a sham.

During a school assembly to hear the candidates' final campaign speeches, Tracy draws only polite applause while Paul initially receives a warm reception (despite giving a lackluster and halting speech), while Tammy delivers a defiant address in which she denounces the election and expresses her intention to dissolve the student government if elected.Although a box office bomb, Election received critical acclaim.The film received an Academy Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay, a Golden Globe nomination for Witherspoon in the Best Actress category, and the Independent Spirit Award for Best Film in 1999.This serves to bring out Tracy's vindictiveness, as she resents Paul’s effortless popularity.Meanwhile, Paul's younger sister Tammy is dumped by her lover, Lisa, who says that she is straight and was just "experimenting." Lisa quickly becomes Paul's new girlfriend and campaign manager, in part to antagonize Tammy.Earlier in the year, Tracy had an affair with another teacher, Jim's best friend Dave Novotny.When the affair was discovered, Dave was fired and divorced by his wife Linda; Tracy, however, walked away with her reputation unscathed.Tracy gets accepted into Georgetown University, while Paul gets into the University of Nebraska.Tammy couldn't be happier at her all-girls school, where she finds a new girlfriend.Knowing he's been caught, he spends a miserable night in his car.The next morning — Election Day — Jim's right eyelid is completely shut and disfigured from the bee sting, but he must still oversee the counting of the election ballots at school.

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