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As a minority, I can usually tell when race is an issue. I've never seen anyone, male or female, ejected from a club for perverse behavior.

I haven't even seen anyone who has abused drugs or alcohol.

They are also known to have titillating nude beauty contests, which I think undermines the purity of nudist clubs.

They are basically establishing a physical mode of conformity to "go-go" dancers that is not the norm for our community.

In fact, Don't even think of going there as a single.....will not get in for more than a very short tour."--- Spring Creek Campground in Geneva. Box 16753, Tucson, Az 85732-6753 Singles Policy: "We are mostly singles." --- Shangri La II Resort. --- --- Bay Area Naturists Website: Singles policy: "Singles friendly".

Website: Policy: "Yes we do allow singles not a problem, we always have. --- Canyon State Naturists (602) 986-3726 Website: --- Camping Bares Website: Singles Policy: "We do not discriminate against singles, married, gays, political affiliation national origin or anything of that sort, Individuals must be over the age of 18 years to join. We are emphatic that the Camping Bares are not a swinger or sex group."--- --- Deer Park Nudist Resort (formerly Buff Creek, formerly Treehouse) Address: 1924 Glen Helen Road, Devore, Ca 92407-1500 Phone 909-880-0803 Fax 909-880-3288 Information from a member of this site: "Associated with AANR.

I encountered these same things/people/idiots on Ogilvie ave/ F ave in southern Muscatine county northern Louisa County on Sunday night/Monday morning 6/12 6/13 around 2am, wrote RJ Strong.

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Chaz brick wrote that he had seen one even further back, writing: 'I saw a similarly attired figure about 0200-0300 hours about a year ago in Texas on TX Hwy 190 headed into Killeen/Ft. It startled me, and I've seen many sites in my life, some during combat tours.''They not only black my wife, mother in-law, and i were headed home on highway 22 at pm on June 15th headed towards Muscatine from quad cities and just past the big hill past Fairport as we got just past the cabins there was someone all in white with either white makeup on or thin white mask laying in ditch right by road and sat up with his thumb up, it surprised us like seeing a deer onside of road,' wrote Liles.

'We have had several reports of "men dressed in black" entering the roadway in rural Muscatine County.

We don't have any new information about these people, but we have also seen several posts on Facebook about the same type of activity,' wrote the Muscatine County Sherrif's Department on Facebook Monday.'I called and left a message with dispatch.

--- Elysium Fields is CLOSED until it moves to a new location --- Glen Eden Sun Club Website: Address: 25999 Glen Eden Road, Corona, CA 91719 Phone: 909-277-4650.

FAX: 909-277-8020 Singles Policy: "Currently no policy against singles or any gender balancing policy.

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