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They also conducted online focus groups with 900 respondents under age 30.

The findings, published in The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, delineate four major types of casual sex encounters: the one-night stand, the booty call, the friend with benefits and the "sex" buddy (the actual term is more profane).

This way, "fears of rejection are minimized." The death knell for all casual relationships, of course, is emotional attachment, which "violates the idea that this is easy access to sex without the complications, as impossible as that may be for either party," said Ms. Respondents agreed there was no need for a "formal termination conversation" among one-night stands, booty calls or even "sex" buddies – just stop texting.

"A booty call could just disappear" and be replaced by some "other bigger and better booty call," according to two women who were interviewed.

This notion of trading up – disposal, even – ran through the focus groups.

When isolated from the women, male respondents offered up some unique terms for the one-night stand – "Hit it and Quit it," and "Use 'Em and Lose 'Em" the more genteel among them. Wentland said of the terms, which she nonetheless wrote off as "male bravado." While many studies have examined the consequences of casual sex, from risky sexual behaviours to regret, emotional distress and depression, the current study did not.

The murky vernacular of campus dating has mystified parents for years, but a new survey might offer some translation.

Researchers from the University of Ottawa have gleaned plenty about the shadowy rules of engagement in casual relationships – no, it's not okay to sleep over after a booty call – after extensive interviews with 18- to 24-year-old students.I’m a strong advocate for having an enjoyable sex life, and “enjoyable” is defined very differently by each individual. And if they do hang out, they act like they’re doing you a big favor. Source If they only hang out with you behind closed doors, then they likely only want to engage in activities that can be done in private. They’re never available when you ask to make plans.If you’re happy being friends with benefits and getting your jollies without being in an emotional commitment, that’s your prerogative. If your partner doesn’t show any physical affection outside of the act of sex itself, the sex is probably all they’re interested in. Source They get dressed and leave as soon as it’s over? Source If they act like they’re bored when you’re not boning, then boning is probably the only thing they want to do with you. Source Even if you’re hooking up on the reg, it seems like they’re never free when you ask them to hang out—even if it’s clearly for a booty call. They often don’t respond to you unless it’s about hooking up. Source If they’re not interested in interacting with you in front of your friends or their friends, they could be shy. Source You don’t have to plan your wedding and your house and kids, but bringing up plans to hang out in the future is a good sign—and not doing it is kind of a bad one. If your gut is telling you this relationship is purely physical, it’s probably right.It goes without saying: when you like someone, you want them to like you back.No one wants to be put in the friend zone by their crush, but the situation that is even more complicated than that is the “sex friend zone.” If you’ve been hooking up with your crush for a while and nothing has gotten more serious, you start to wonder: is your crush using you for sex? As you'll see, we, like you, tend to favor the "play hard to get" strategy through very veiled methods that can be difficult to decipher. As a man myself, I'm here to let you in on the telltale actions men tend to do when we like a gal.Surveys conducted over the past decade suggest friends with benefits (FWB) – pals who develop sexual relationships – are extremely widespread.Some studies estimate that 50 per cent of post-secondary students engage in FWB.If a guy likes you, he's going to make sure that any opportunity he has to see you, he will.Friends with benefits, no strings attached, part-time boyfriends, one-night stands, flings, hook-ups, booty calls, last calls.

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