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Separation and dating nc

If your spouse contests the divorce action by filing an answer denying one or more of the statements in your complaint, a hearing will be set during which the two of you can testify and the judge can decide what the truth is. Most divorces granted on separation grounds are uncontested.This is essentially a "no-fault" divorce with no proof necessary as to who left whom or what reason was involved.Once you have filed the divorce complaint at the courthouse, your attorney will serve a copy of the summons and complaint on your spouse, by sheriff or by certified mail. In North Carolina, the only ground for divorce that is ever used is separation for over one year.

If you and your spouse can agree to terms that accompany an agreement then, when the time-period arrives for the divorce, the court can simply incorporate the separation agreement into an order with your divorce.

This does allow a more “hands on” approach with your separation.

Separation is truly one of the most difficult times for anyone to go through. Separation does not always mean courts and judges—in fact North Carolina makes it very easy to make an agreement on all of these matters.

Simply having a drafted document, notarized and signed may resolve these issues.

The claim must be filed with the court -- in a complaint or counterclaim -- in order to preserve it for a hearing after the divorce decree is signed by a judge.

If you haven't asked for alimony in a court paper before you get your divorce and reserved that issue for later ruling of the court in the divorce decree, you cannot get alimony.

Our firm is here to help you through this process; we understand that this decision is a difficult one.

We are here to help you grasp the overall outline of your separation.

Having a good separation agreement allows you to begin moving to a more stable part of your life, and putting pieces back together.

Attorneys with King Law in our Rutherfordton, Shelby, Marion, Brevard, Hickory, Columbus, Charlotte, and Gastonia, North Carolina offices offer free consultations by telephone and in office to help you start with the next phase of your life.

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