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However, under the Sex Offenders Registry Act, trainee status is defined as a conviction, and trainees are required to register like other sex offenders and remain on the public list for 25 years.Many feel that the requirement to be registered as a sex offender works against the philosophy of HYTA, which is to give a break to first-time offenders who are likely to be successfully rehabilitated.According to those who work in the juvenile or family divisions of circuit court, children as young as 10 years of age who were engaging in games of doctor, or young teens engaging in consensual sex, have been captured under the CSC laws.


Larry Julian House Bill 5195 (Substitute H-1) Sponsor: Rep.

The bill specifies that a juvenile registered under this provision would not be subject to the acts annual reporting requirements, but does not specify how verification is to be done other than the initial verification that is done before entry of the order of disposition is to be handled.

convicted of assaulting an individual with the intent to commit criminal CSC prohibited under 520b(1)(a) or 520c(1)(a) would have to register as a sex offender unless the court, with consent of the prosecuting attorney, ordered the individual exempt from the registration requirements.

Specifically, the bills would do the following: would amend the Sex Offenders Registration Act (MCL 28.722 et al.) to revise registration requirements for juveniles convicted of sex offenses on or after January 1, 2004.

The Sex Offenders Registration Act requires the registration of persons convicted of certain sex crimes (or, in the case of juveniles, a person placed on youthful trainee status or a person for whom the juvenile court has entered an order of disposition).

In yet another matter, several states include photographs on the public sex offender registry. Proponents of the plan believe that it would increase public safety by enabling residents to identify a potentially dangerous sex offender in situations where a name may not come up, such as when striking up a conversation in a park or other public place.

Also, it is argued, including a photograph may also ensure that an innocent person with the same or similar name will not be confused with a registered sex offender.

A trainee may actually serve time in a county jail or in prison, but typically are placed on probation.

Successful completion of sentence-like conditions results in dismissal of the charges and the person is deemed as having no conviction.

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