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I am best suited to achieve this, as I am well known for never backing down, and my resourcefulness at bringing change.I have always been available day and night for those in need, during disasters I am on the ground and taking action before our government even debate what to do.

I have been spokesperson for a major shelter, and have held rallies, I run special events like, “Voices of the Animals” annual awareness day, which raises awareness and moneys for a majority of local rescue organisations, and I have spoken at most animal related rallies to raise awareness and funding for grass roots animal rescue.

I have traveled all over the country during natural disasters to support local carers, sanctuary’s and shelters, and have raised hundreds of tonnes of feed and delivered it immediately to those affected by local disasters, including the QLD floods, the Victorian fires, the Humbug scrub fires and the recent Pinery fires.

This experience has given me a valuable insight into how politics works, what needs to change and how I can best help people.

I will work tirelessly to fix the problems of job losses and underemployment, the rising costs of utilities, the rise in social regulation and the sale of our nation’s strategic assets.

I back our farmers on a daily basis, and if called upon to sort a local issue, I act immediately.

I have worked in the retail, manufacturing and automotive industries, and over the past 20 years, I have taken a deep interest in political & electoral reform.

I have stood up for our farmers for over a 15 years, having met with most if not all sectors of primary production, I have held and led rallies for producers, grape growers and their water entitlements for over 15 years, and fought in the political arena and the courts for their best interests.

I have worked to expose water issues with the media, held protests in relation to the actions of the grocery giants; I have set up numerous markets, and helped others with my own time and money to ensure avenues for producer’s to get a fair price for their product, which now feed over 20,000 South Australians.

So I would not back down as an elected representative.

I do what I can to help the community, during fires and other disasters I am on the ground and shut my business until everything that can be done is.

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