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I am not simply pointing ou problems, I fight to change them, I have fought in the courts for over 20 years for accountability, supporting those in need and finding competent representation to those being unfairly prosecuted, and will continue to do so.

I have fought in the Court of disputed returns (Supreme court) for our voting rights on many occasions (self represented) I have fought in the environment and development court (district court) for community events and farmers type markets, I have fought in the courts for animal welfare issues and in the Magistrates courts on a variety of community based reform.

In Enfield, Parafield, Salisbury, Lights-view and Gawler.

I am presently in the courts, full bench of the Supreme Court, fighting for the rights of Farmers markets and community events and fund raisers in general, so I do not back down on important issues as an individual.

I am best suited to achieve this, as I am well known for never backing down, and my resourcefulness at bringing change.

I have always been available day and night for those in need, during disasters I am on the ground and taking action before our government even debate what to do.

The legislature continue to make matters worse by enforcing laws, before we even know they exist, this is exaggerated by bluff and misinformation, where those unaware of their rights or the basics of law, are manipulated by prosecutors that can so easily be drop the charges if scrutiny is applied, again leaving the innocent out of pocket.

Our basic common law rights to innocent until proven guilty, the right to remain silent, the right to face ones accuser, trial by jury and even equity are constantly being removed by Parliament, which is unacceptable, I have and will continue to be a loud voice for the reforms needed to restore justice.I am also concerned at the lack of punishment for those found guilty of child abuse at any level, the need to improve mandatory reporting and the introduction of schemes like the "Safe Schools program" which overrides parental rights and genuine safe guards for vulnerable young aged children.Justice is rarely seen or heard under the current judicial system, those that can defend their innocence and succeed are usually still left out of pocket in one way or another, while the majority simply cannot afford to even defend pleas of innocence.I also am proud of what I have achieved as a community advocate and would enjoy your scrutiny of my achievements.The project tag along with Mark Aldridge during the Humbug Scub fires, where the community came together to help the bush fire victims and animals.I have stood up for our farmers for over a 15 years, having met with most if not all sectors of primary production, I have held and led rallies for producers, grape growers and their water entitlements for over 15 years, and fought in the political arena and the courts for their best interests.I have worked to expose water issues with the media, held protests in relation to the actions of the grocery giants; I have set up numerous markets, and helped others with my own time and money to ensure avenues for producer’s to get a fair price for their product, which now feed over 20,000 South Australians.This experience has given me a valuable insight into how politics works, what needs to change and how I can best help people.I will work tirelessly to fix the problems of job losses and underemployment, the rising costs of utilities, the rise in social regulation and the sale of our nation’s strategic assets.I want to help make SA a better place to live for our children and for future generations – this includes increasing job opportunities, making where we live safer, reducing the cost of living and reducing the impact we’re having on the environment.I have been a community advocate and Independent candidate for over 20 years, I grew up in Parafield Gardens, I run your local markets to give back to my community, and my family and I have been active in the local area since I can remember.

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