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Just like the #Me Too and the #Time’s Up movements, talking about teen dating violence and raising awareness through social media can help show how prevalent the problem is and that those experiencing it are not alone, she said.

“The more the youth can talk about it, the more we can get them up there to say this is not OK, the better,” Norton said.

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The stress associated with starting a new relationship is often what keeps people single.Some of this stress can be avoided when the relationship begins before college.However, a high school relationship can come with stress of its own.Riverside Brookfield High School senior Emily Graham and Lockport Township High School senior Dominic Wistocki pose during the production of dating violence awareness PSAs.(Henry Villarreal / Buddy's Helpers) When high school senior Emily Graham found out how common teen dating violence is among her peers, she got angry.“How can we let this keep going on without doing something to stop it?The outreach is part of the "Making a Difference On AND Off the Field" community service campaign presented by Buddy's Helpers, the charitable arm of the Pepsi Co Showdown, an annual high school soccer tournament in which more than 200 schools participate.Between Friends implemented its teen dating violence prevention program in 1995, working with schools in the Chicago area to help middle and high school students identify warning signs and build conflict resolution and communication skills.“Talking about teen dating violence prevention is so important because we want kids to know what to look for and have an understanding of how to build healthy relationships,” said Colleen Norton, the nonprofit’s director of programs.We’re very fortunate to share the same friend group, and it helps that we’re not that weird couple that makes everyone feel like a third wheel!Veilands: We usually see each other every other weekend and on school breaks.EM: We see each other every other weekend, usually.R&B: Are a lot of your friends in relationships that formed in high school?

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