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- The Feminist Women's Health Center "If you're looking for the definitive guide to sex and sexuality, and everything that it entails, then look no further than Heather Corinna's fact-filled book. There are thirteen main chapters included, along with appendixes that cover sexually transmitted diseases and infections and a bibliography and list of recommended sources (which include phone numbers and websites, as well as books).

Want to know how fisting really works (hint: it shouldn’t be like punching someone) and how to do it safely?

Want to know how the female equivalent of “blue balls” feels?

"It's boldly feminist.'" - and its spinoffs, Corinna answers every possible question teens and young adults could have about virginity, puberty, pregnancy, body image, masturbation, sexual identity, the variety of relationships, and the mechanics of partnered sex. Corinna's had a lot of practice as the impassioned empowering voice behind..straight-up, sex-ed-for-teens site In a segment titled "Ten Bodacious Ways to Boost Body Image," Corinna put such a compelling spin on "looks aren't everything" that I felt my eyes tearing up. The point is to empower teens and young adults with gentle and appropriate guidance.

She also addresses topics that are often overlooked, e.g., transgender and intergender identities, realistic teen relationship management skills, and pornography. is, literally, a lifesaving book: Corinna's vast commonsense wisdom--especially on topics relating to gender roles, queer sexuality, and gender identities--has the potential to improve the physical and emotional health of anyone who reads it, and to help heal our culture's unhealthy, conflicted approaches to sex, sexuality, and gender."- Lisa Jervis, cofounder, "Sexpert Heather Corinna is the big sis you wish you'd had when you were a confused, pimply teen. But it's her holistic approach and deft handling of other heavy topics, from eating disorders to abuse, that make this book a must-read." ""S. X." itself is revolutionary as a feminist, GLBT-friendly and overall progressive collection of sexual education material. sets out to empower young adults to make healthy, informed decisions about their sexuality and begins with a wonderful challenge: This challenge is at the heart of every chapter... The vulva for example is described with all its intricacies- thank goodness for that!

There's nothing silly or embarrassing in this book -- just straight questions and straight answers.

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There are parts that are humorous, but underneath it all is just frankness for the seriousness of the subject matter.This is a must-have guide for teens, parents and educators today.Teens need positive reinforcement to make empowering and informed choices - and that is what heather's book does so brilliantly. Corinna puts everything into perspective, for both girls and guys.It truly runs the gamut of sexual health, and does so in a frank and approachable way.No matter how good a parent or school is as providing sex education, I guarantee they’re not as thorough as this book.Not sure if your subtle little orgasms are the real thing, because they don’t match up to overblown movie sex?How to properly put a condom on an uncircumcised penis?It may just be the one everything-you-need, comprehensive, no-judgment sexuality and relationships guide to help you get you through your teens and twenties...maybe even for much of the rest of your whole sexual life.Complete guides to making sexual choices, consent, figuring out working relationship models, gender and sexual identity, sexual media literacy, birth control methods, reproductive options for unplanned pregnancy, safer sex practice and sexual activities, sexual anatomy that's about pleasure, not just reproduction, sexual response and sexual healthcare are all included, tailored specifically to the expressed wants and needs of teens and emerging adults we hear from every day and have for nearly 20 years now. doesn't ever presume there is one right set of choices for all young people, nor does it aim to tell you what to do: it aims to give you information, help and support to make YOU the expert, so that you can sort and spell out the right, informed choices for you, and your life, uniquely.It's very straightforward and provides lots and lots of information, but it talks about how that particular information relates to relationship issues or values or communication issues.

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