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We are a platform that shares information' Salgado insisted under questioning from Louisiana Republican Sen. 'Facebook, Twitter and Google all defended their security measures in the Senate hearing following revelations that Russian-linked accounts reached many more American voters than previously thought.John Kennedy.'This is a platform from which news can be read from many sources.'Federal law holds journalists and news organizations to a higher standard of legal liability for what they publish, compared with technology 'platforms.'Another secondary thread was the companies' failure to identify ahead of time that some of the suspect ads were originating inside the Russian Federation.'How did Facebook – which prides itself on being able to process billions of data points – somehow not make the connection that electoral ads paid for in rubles were coming from Russia? Al Franken asked Stretch.'Those are two data points. Testimony from Facebook reveals that posts generated by a Russian outfit may have reached as many as 126 million users.But Facebook General Counsel Colin Stretch said in a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that while his company first spotted the ads in the presidential primary season two years ago, they continued to run 'following the election.''We saw this concerted effort to sow division and discord,' Stretch explained.

The tech giant Facebook told Congress that ads representing 'foreign interference' in America's election system continued after Donald Trump won the White House – and appeared designed to hurt him.

Much of the focus on Russian involvement has come as part of a larger story that suggests Moscow instead sought to help Trump win the White House over Hillary Clinton.

And Google announced in a blog post that it found evidence of 'limited' misuse of its services by the Russian group, as well as some You Tube channels that were likely backed by Russian agents.

Lawmakers have pressured the social media companies to come forward and have criticized them for not being fully forthcoming immediately after the election.

On Twitter, the Russia-linked accounts put out 1.4 million election-related tweets from September through Nov. The company also found nine Russian accounts that bought ads, most of which came from the state-backed news service Russia Today, or RT.

Twitter said last week it would no longer accept ads from RT and Sputnik, another state-sponsored news outlet.

Senators, however, showed off mostly those ads that reflected well on Trump or seemed calculated to cause Hillary Clinton harm.

Delaware Democrat Chris Coons displayed a fake Facebook ad from last year that claimed a 69 per cent disapproval rate for Clinton among American military veterans.

Pages created by Russia's Internet Research Agency generated 80,000 posts on 120 pages between January 2015 and August 2017.

Possible views reached into the millions after people 'liked' the posts and shared them.

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