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Rules of modern day dating

The best way to invite a girl out is to be direct and honest about your intentions. ” own your intentions and let her know “Damn right it’s a date!

Actions like these show the girl you truly care about her and her well-being.

They are the kind of dating skills men can use to stand out from all the other guys out there.

The old “dinner and a movie” date is played out and can often be downright boring.

Instead of taking the girl out to a date she’s done 1,000 times look to give her a new experience. Invite her over to your place and cook dinner together.

Have the dating skills for men changed over the years? Some traditional dating techniques are completely outdated, while others are absolutely crucial.

To help you decide which traditional practices to use and which to abandon, here’s a brief breakdown of how some of those techniques apply today.So an important dating skill for men is to learn how to be the chivalrous guy who takes care of his girl.Small gestures like walking the girl to her car, seeing she drives off okay, and making sure she got home safe can earn you huge points.Now this is fine if you don’t yet know the girl and want to meet in a low-pressure situation (or if you don’t want anything serious).But if you’re really interested in this girl then you’ll want to invite her on a real date. I want to take you (out for drinks/dancing/etc.).” If she asks “is this a date?By planning the date yourself and taking care of all the logistics (when to meet, where to go, when it will end) you make her job easier.She’ll be able to relax and enjoy herself knowing you’ve got everything figured out.So to make sure that spark is there you’ll want to flirt with and touch her frequently throughout the date.If you can build enough sexual tension early you won’t even have to wait until the end of the date to go for the kiss.Keep your living space clean and have a reason to invite her back to your place (dessert, wine, hookah, a game).That way if the opportunity to take things further arises, you’ll be ready.

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