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Reset back factory bios after updating

If you're having trouble finding it, look close to where the options are - they're usually around those.

Every manufacturer seems to have their own way of wording it.

The BIOS Settings option is usually located near the bottom of the screen, or at the end of your BIOS options, depending on how it's structured.

Turn the computer back on and make sure that the BIOS settings have reset, or the system password is now cleared... If everything is good, turn off your computer, return the jumper to its original position, and then turn the computer back on.

If you don't do this, CMOS will clear on every restart of your computer!

I have a Windows 7 Pro PC that I've been having minor trouble with because my headphones have almost no sound, while speakers and everything else are just fine.

Anyway, one website suggested updating drivers, so I went out to update my Soundmax Integrated HD Audio driver and the Dell Optiplex 755, and on the Dell website found several driver updates. One update was to BIOS 22 and I absentmindedly chose it, updated the BIOS, and now my Windows 7 says it's not a genuine copy. This is a refurbished computer that came pre-installed with Windows 7 Pro so I half suspect I'm really screwed here, but have no idea.

Note: The directions I linked below detail how to access your BIOS utility but do not specifically demonstrate how to clear the CMOS in your BIOS utility.

It should be easy enough, however, as long as you can find that Another way to clear CMOS is to reseat the CMOS battery. If you're using a laptop or tablet, make sure the main battery is removed too.

So, is this just something MSI has changed in this new BIOS, or do I need to reinstall some Audio drivers?

This is the continuation of How do I reset BIOS to user factory setting Things are working. There are some tricks very specific for particular vendors and models of motherboards.

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