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Rejection issues dating

The suffering that comes with this type of rejection is considerably harder than in most other types.

Interestingly, many people tend to love and desire those who aren’t as passionate about them.

Little by little you will learn to enjoy your life again and will start noticing other available options.

Use this self-hypnosis download to help yourself heal faster.

When you first realize you are being rejected, you may be unable to speak and feel physically sick.

They may put on a brave face and jump back on that dating site, but they are just afraid of being rejected by you as you are of them.

Look for the lesson in every negative experience so you won't have to repeat it — and can learn from it instead.

It’s more powerful than many other fears because it affects your self-esteem deeply and causes you to sabotage your chances when looking for love.

And no matter how devoted your conscious mind is to looking for love, your subconscious protects you by using that big fear of rejection snowball to warn you if a similar situation comes up in the future.

Focus on what you WANT to happen in your life and relationships and feel the feelings of already having that very thing, whether it’s love, that great job, the new car, a new gal pal, whatever.

The feelings of already having it are what brings it to you because your emotions are your most powerful creative energy.

Here’s a simple way to look at it: Order what you want in your life the same way you would order lunch.

You wouldn’t go to a restaurant and say, “Bring me lunch.” Who knows what you’d get!

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