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“I’ve been in the game for over ten years, so I was really trying to pay homage to the greats,” he explains.

One thing that separate him from others is that his lyrics leave much to the listener's imagination, while some artists take a more graphic route.

Some fans expressed shock over the photo while others just slammed Avant with food jokes. Michelle (33) has been catching a whole lotta flack over the past few years, for mysteriously popping up with a butt that suddenly grew damn near triple it’s original size, seemingly overnight. Following his eviction from his two homes in Atlanta, in ?

Avant’s weight gain has even been compared to the changes in Luther Vandross’ appearance over the years. READ MORE Do you remember when Phylicia Rashad (69), was married to NFL legend, Ahmad Rashad (68), back in the day? Kelly done came back to prove to all of us that no one’s getting evicted from his two Georgia homes.

Born Myron Avant, he is an R&B singer who had a Platinum-certified debut album called My Thoughts in 2000.

His song "Read Your Mind" charted at #13 on the US Hot 100 list.

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