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Part of the “education” will include the topics of sex (from foreplay to penetration), rape culture, periods and masturbation.

They also hope the topic of gender will be discussed, including transgender and non-binary, which they admit they would “really struggle” with if they had to cover themselves.

The project, called "Wanna Play," used Verhoeven's Grindr profile to draw chat partners into a discussion about online intimacy.

For five days in early October, Dutch artist Dries Verhoeven broadcast his Grindr chats onto a projection screen inside a glass cube situated on a public square in Berlin's Kreuzberg neighborhood.

The sessions will also be recorded in case the children need a refresher on any of the subjects in the future.

Richard Conway, founder of uk said: “Having ‘The Talk’ is a rite of passage for any parent and their children, but it can be a difficult conversation to have, even for the closest of families.

Ideally the person would be Ofsted-registered and have an up-to-date background check as they won’t be in the same room for the sessions.

However they will be at home throughout the sessions in case the children feel uncomfortable and want to come out of them.

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