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Posting craigslist scam dating

They can directly use your information for themselves as a form of identity theft and/or they can sell your identity to buyers.Be careful too when clicking links in suspicious or too-good-to-be-true ads as you could end up spreading viruses to your computer.

Anyone asking for credit card information or personal information straight off the bat cannot be trusted.

If you haven’t even interviewed for the job or haven’t secured the job yet, there should be no reason why you are handing a stranger your personal information.

Sometimes these job listings pose little imminent harm to you, but are nonetheless not real listings.

Perhaps when you email the company to show your interest and request more information, you discover the post is spam or someone running a scam.

Usually, if a decent-paying job is posted on Craigslist, there will be numerous, immediate responses, which means listings are often taken down within a week or two of being posted.

If a business does not find the perfect candidate right away and leaves the listing up for a long time, there may be a reason A listing that lasts too long on Craigslist could mean multiple things.

In other cases, you can click on a potential job listing and find that it turns out to be an ad for something.

It’s a good idea to set up a specific email account for your Craigslist applications.

This can be another step in helping you gauge the legitimacy of the Craigslist job listing.

If you have concerns, talk to your potential employer about them, especially when dealing with a sole business owner or with a business that is run from a home.

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