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Piercing intimidating titan

His hair had grown down to his waist and is silvery gray, which Spinel Fean had tied into a ponytail with golden thread.He also has 5 "Ogre Orb's" buried in his chest, elbows and both knees. A bit taller than the Apostle Lord and instead of three horns he now have five which are also thicker.His skin became black because he is a Rare Variant kind of Hobgoblin that was blessed by one of the oldest Gods, the Great God of Origin and Demise.

Thus giving him two abilities capable of granting him benefits from eating.cut him down and stomp on his skull, there's still a mural of it in Tibet.Killing for sustenance is actually well tolerated).His height was a full human arm length taller than that of an adult male (i.e.2 meters and 50 centimeters) and he has developed 6-pack abs. Aside from growing longer, it has also turned gray. When he became an Apostle Lord, Rou was around 50 centimeters shorter than when he was an Ogre (i.e.Rou, formerly Tomokui Kanata, was a human with an esper ability.One day, he was killed by Kirimine Aoi, a childhood friend who became his stalker.When he ranked up to Hobgoblin, he became closer in appearance to a human.He looks like his old self in his teenage years, having hair growing on his head.Lastly, two sharp horns had grown out from his forehead. approxtimately 2 meters) but his muscles were many times denser making him at least a dozen times stronger.His black skin is the same, but the red tattoos on his body changed to a golden color.

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