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Park shin hye and lee wan dating

The website also said Park had personally driven to Lee's residence, before leaving her car in the car park of the building and coming out of the residence in his car.However, the K-drama stars' agencies denied the story, allkpop website reported.magazine, Park Shin Hye participated in a short interview about how she felt about her co-stars becoming some of the most popular actors in Korea.

Using the stage name Lee Wan, he made his acting debut in 2003.She says that she doesn’t try to get the skinny body.I disagree with the fact that the media prefers stick-like skinny bodies.Bright and optimistic Korean Japanese teenager Hana (Park Shin-hye) lives at a small hot springs inn owned by her mother.When her mother decides to marry a Korean man, she tries her best to reach out to her odd, introverted stepbrother-to-be Yoon Seo (Lee Wan), who likes to walk barefoot in the snow.He rebuffs her initial efforts, but her cheer eventually wins him over.With their parents on honeymoon, together Hana and Yoon Seo stand up to Hana's spiteful aunt Yoko (Kim Chung) and cousin Maya (Asami Reina), and the two develop an increasingly close relationship over time.It aired on SBS from February 8 to March 9, 2006 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at for 10 episodes.The drama is also the final entry in director Lee Jang-soo's Heaven Trilogy which included Beautiful Days in 2001 and Stairway to Heaven in 2003.Lee's agency Wellmade Yedang said: "They were close friends even before they filmed Pinocchio and are still good friends, so I think they were misunderstood." Park is the star of the 2013 hit show I Hear Your Voice.Lee has been in hit dramas including 2013's The Inheritors and 2009's He's Beautiful.

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