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In the middle of the city was a large grassy field, known a little grandly as Independence Square. Around the edge were palm trees and mangos, the wedding cake palace and a splendidly crooked old courthouse, which looked like the backdrop to a Rembrandt.

I noticed it wasn't just me; everyone loved it here.

Now there are 50,000 maroons, and – although the Dutch left in 1975 – an old, Georgian stand-off continues.

Although, at Awarradam, they'd built a pretty lodge for visitors, they were reluctant hosts.Under the Dutch, the colony grew fabulously rich on sugar and became a Georgian treasure.And that, broadly speaking, is what it remains today. About twice the size of Ireland, Suriname is stuck up on the north-east shoulder of South America. How, I wondered, had Suriname ended up with square coins? And why were all the advertisements in English, a language only a few understood?Forest covers 90 per cent of it, and the trees run straight into the sea. The big poster at the time depicted a woman in a state of advanced ecstasy, under the banner "Did you already find spice?There are no natural harbours, no railways and hardly any roads. The jungle is slashed by thousands of rivers, and new creatures are always tumbling out of the dark. " I simply couldn't imagine what she wanted me to buy.At the heart of it all would be a little purple fortress, like a hat full of mansions.There'd be no trains or Tubes or public lavatories.By day, the presidential palace would glow like a wedding cake, and then, by night, it would turn green and flare like a planet.As for embassies, there'd be only nine, including a tiny bungalow for the entire United States.If I were to design the perfect city, it would be like Paramaribo.It would all be white, and have a river running through it.

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