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Sentencing Corrieri, Sheriff Joyce Powrie said: "I am prepared to make a community payback order and you will be subject to supervision.

"You also have to attend the sex offenders group work programme.

I wasn’t myself at school, convinced that people would hate me.

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If the bank didn’t repossess the building, the flat would be worth a lot more than £25,000, but what if it did? Needless to say, the flat my friend bought and now lives in is today worth more than a ­million dollars. But I do truly regret the argument I had with my dad. I think of all the things I wished I’d asked him about our family or his life. Six months after we broke up, he was killed while working as a freelance journalist in Iraq in 2004. I wish I’d had a chance to see him before he went, to talk to him and say goodbye, to re-establish some sort of friendly contact and tell him that the love we’d shared meant so much to me.

Admitting to myself and others I was scared changed everything and I have become braver.

By suffering in silence I wasted my youth, and a lot of petrol, going back to check the hair straighteners. I never really felt maternal until I became pregnant at the age of 34.

When broadcaster Emma Freud asked her Twitter followers to share their stories, she received hundreds of replies including “not staying with my mum to the very end”.

Another said theirs was “not flying to New York with Lionel Richie”. I was maybe ten and you were about six months younger.

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