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I lost so many friends because replying to texts scared me.

I wasn’t myself at school, convinced that people would hate me.

I didn’t put myself forward when opportunities popped up because I was terrified that I’d be laughed at.

Admitting to myself and others I was scared changed everything and I have become braver.

By suffering in silence I wasted my youth, and a lot of petrol, going back to check the hair straighteners. I never really felt maternal until I became pregnant at the age of 34.

Instead, I left the glowing O­ompa-Loompa shade alone, highlighted by my turquoise dress and matching eye shadow. I don’t remember what we said but the third night when it came to lights out you were nowhere to be found. We played ping-pong together, we set up a youth club together, we created a charity for disabled people together, and I cast him as the Dame in a ­pantomime I wrote. Which is why, I suppose, our mothers decided to give us ballroom dancing lessons.

My fash-spiration came from a Coronation Street character. Someone found you hiding behind nearby bushes but I felt hugely guilty and still feel remorseful now. Brown Owl made Christine and me apologise, and it was a lesson learned. I mastered the waltz, the heel lead, the rise and fall, but I faltered at the foxtrot and we certainly never reached the exotic heights of the Latin-American ­routines.

More than that, I regret being so stupidly stubborn that after we fought, it was more than a year before I saw him again. I’ve tried not to blame myself, consoling myself that he knew I loved him. If I could, I’d tell him over and over how privileged I felt to have him in my life. I HAVE experienced a fair amount of loss in my life – of people, relationships and pregnancies – and the worst kind of loss is the sudden death of someone young. A few years later, a dear colleague and friend died suddenly, alone at home.

When I did finally see him, he had ­Alzheimer’s and did not know who I was. He was not yet 40 and I wish I could have had one more chance to talk to him, to tell him he was loved.

But those tragic experiences taught me something positive, to say how I feel about the people I love when they’re with me.

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