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Dear Prudence, I work in the IT department of a law firm and I set up conference rooms for meetings.A few of the rooms I set up are right across the street from a brand new apartment building that's almost 50 stories tall.You mention you want to plead your case to your son-in-law.

It’s incumbent upon the urban dweller to recognize that people who live in glass apartments should put on their underwear.I assume if he’s honest that it’s for sports purposes, he’ll be laughed out of the principal’s office.If he tries to make the case that your high-performing grandson has had such a bad year that it needs to be repeated, I also hope the administrators will pull your grandson’s transcript, show this is demonstrably wrong, and explain children are not held back unless there is a compelling reason.I tried telling him that, but he wants to please me. Dear Sally, It’s not too late for the Oscars to include a new category: The Meg "I'll Have What She's Having" Ryan Special Achievement Award for Simulated Orgasm. The nub of the matter is that under the guise of pleasing you, your boyfriend has been bullying your genitals in order to boost his own sense of his prowess.So, to make him happy and to move things along, I started faking. What am I going to when we are married, living together, and (presumably) making love more often? It could also be that he hasn’t actually learned the art of going all night, but simply has a problem coming.The problem is I have been faking orgasms for two years. I appreciate that he can go for hours and doesn't want to stop until he has fully satisfied me.We don't live together now and because of our schedules, we only have sex about once a month. But, the truth is, I am satisfied with one orgasm and I just can’t seem to have more than one. I wish I had never started down this path and had been honest from the beginning.So perhaps what you are observing is this woman’s deliberate desire to strut upon the stage.Your notifying her building’s management of her activities will likely be perceived as a tale told by an idiot.So you have to have a talk with your daughter, about whom you say nothing.Let’s hope she neither shares this silly fantasy, nor is so intimidated by her husband that she’s afraid to stop him.

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