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BMIBlueprint class that "only" does the calculation for bmi.

The code below is where I did it all in one class -almost done, but is not part of the question and should be ignored.A few young men sit on the block playing cards and dominoes. I remember times when there was nothing to eat for days, but pack soup, he says.My mother tried her best with what little she had, but things were tough.static void Main() { Entrance Blueprint entrance = new Entrance Blueprint(); Write Line(entrance); BMIBlueprint bmi Calculator = new BMIBlueprint(); Write("First, enter your weight in lbs: "); double new Weight = double.Parse(bmi Calculator.weight = Read Line()); Write("\n Great, now enter your height in inches: "); double new Height = double. ", total Bmi); Write("\npress any key to continue"); Read Key(); BFPBlueprint bfp Calculator = new BFPBlueprint(); Write("According to _ your bfp is more accurate because it takes into account your age and gender.Note, you may need to modify Person based on the exact functionality you want to have.The calculators/history tracking may be objects themselves.Parse(bmi Calculator.height = Read Line()); bmi Var = 703; double total Bmi = ((new Weight * bmi Var) / (new Height * new Height)); Write Line("\n Perfect! So enter your age first: "); double new Age = double.Parse(bfp = Read Line()); Write("\n Great, now enter your sex, like this (male or female): "); string new Sex = Read Line(); if (new Age You can go about this a number of ways, but from a pure OOP standpoint, using a class is a good idea.Parse(Read Line()); double bmi Before = Bmi Calculator.Get New BMI(height, weight); double bmi After = Bmi Calculator. Here's a more advanced example of an OOP approach, complete with input validation.

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