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Note, you may need to modify Person based on the exact functionality you want to have.

The calculators/history tracking may be objects themselves.

If not any kind of help/advice/metaphors/analogies would be greatly appreciated.

The code below is where I did it all in one class -almost done, but is not part of the question and should be ignored.

You can disregard all of that though, I just don't want to come off like I'm completely hopeless or trying to cheat. The first is my BMIBlueprint class that I created just to use as a calculator for bmi based on input from the user, which I plan to call on in my Main Class.

also, this is about my 200th different version while trying to make it work and It's probably very far from what it could/should actually look like...

BMIBlueprint class that "only" does the calculation for bmi.

Learning has been smooth so far but I'm running into issues when I try to create (and call) a constructor that calculates data input by user. Main Display class that displays information and gets user input.

I've watched/read/studied every source I could find over the past 2 weeks before posing this but I haven't been able to make sense of creating a constructor that does a calculation, then calling it in main to use user input data for the variables..

The very bottom code is how I've done it in one class (but not quite finished).

I would cry myself to sleep almost every night because I didnt have the things other children had.

Despite this, the youngster rarely missed a day of school and went on to earn a spot at the prestigious Fatima College in Port of Spain.

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