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Hence, thousands of people visit from different corners of world to enjoy their vacation at Delhi may be alone or in group.

And anyway it was outside of the scope of this blog.

Now, come to the main issue most of the short-term visitors of coming to Delhi especially men may spend few day, weeks, or may few months in the city.

Irrespective duration the men while spending their time at Delhi always come across beautiful ladies of the city, which is also known for curvy and sexy ladies who comfortably carry their body in dresses where you can notice their irresistible body curve and it common to find ladies showing their cleavages and sexy back wearing deep cut tops and blouses.

But recently I was reading an interesting post on Hooking Up Smart, and I followed a link to another post that does exactly what those readers requested of me - it plots male attractiveness against time, and even breaks it down into its primary components.

I've included the main plot on the right, but the post is definitely worth a read.

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