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He had been scheduled to return to work Tuesday, Ellis said.

He said the family’s concern now is Corey’s well-being.“He just lost the most important person in his life,” he said.

However, he noted that his nephew, serving as a Marine in Las Vegas, was handling the situation well.“He’s a great kid.

He’s very mature.”Steve Shipp remembered his sister as a happy woman and avid Dodgers fan with “lots and lots of friends.”However, he emphasized one trait multiple times; her relationship with her son.“She was his world and he was hers.”Laura Shipp is survived by her son; parents, Joyce and Joe Shipp; brother Steve Shipp; and sister Tracy La Marca. Derrick “Bo” Taylor, 56, who commanded the state conservation camp near Camarillo, was identified Tuesday as one of the dead. He was a 29-year veteran of the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, agency spokesman Bill Sessa said. Timothy Ellis, described him as an “outstanding” officer.“He ran an absolutely great camp,” Ellis said.

Taylor had worked in state prisons as well as conservation camps, which house inmates who fight wildfires. Ellis credited him with attention to detail, hard work and holding both staff members and inmates accountable.

At some point during the festival, Shipp and her boyfriend had separated from her son and his friends, Steve Shipp said.

The pair made their way toward a restroom area and were separated when the shooting began.

Investigators have still not discovered what motivated Stephen Paddock to embark on the worst mass shooting in modern U. history, but determined that he researched SWAT tactics ahead of the massacre and investigated other possible targets. 19) Erick Silva was helping concert goers escape when he was shot and killed.

A co-worker who witnessed it moved Silva’s body away from a stampeding crowd.

The three had just celebrated Chris' birthday last week at the Newbury Park restaurant Pickles."We live in a mobile home park, and everyone is just devastated," Carolyn Hazencomb said.

"My gardener was crying."When Maryanne Hazencomb returned from Las Vegas, she brought back her son's duffel bag.

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