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Marriage and dating customs in guatemala

Note that, initial conversations that are part of introductions or first meetings should be kept along general and broad topics.

For example, while Guatemalans might welcome a Canadian commenting on the variety and tastiness of local foods, they would find it particularly insulting if a Canadian is engaged in a critical discussion of the nutritional value of their foods.

Due to the country’s history of authoritarian and repressive regimes, Guatemalans rarely speak their minds directly on any issue even among friends or other non-relatives.

Rather, they tend to use double-entendre and humoristic allusions or jokes as a form of deflecting confrontational subjects.

As a manager, you will tend to be addressed in the formal fashion.

In more friendly contexts, the informal way will be used by most.

This very common phrase is used to attribute an event to a turn of fate rather than to human action.

When you hear this phrase, get ready to make an adjustment in your plans.

In the case that you meet urban Guatemalans for the first time (which would most likely include Ladinos only), ensure to make a good first impression.

It is not so much the topics which would be the most important, but how you carry/ present yourself during this first meeting.

As most indigenous communities are rural and agricultural, discussions on the seasons, the planting progress, how the animals are faring or updates from the weekly markets are also acceptable.

In the case of women, discussions on weaving/ knitting can be surprisingly entertaining!

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