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Comparée à la première saison, je peux maintenant me voir et être fière de celle-ci et les personnages sont tellement plus fouillés.

Ils ont tous leurs propres problèmes et vous ne voyez pas que les bon côtés ou les mauvais de chacun.

Nothing but fluffy and cute, a bit of Jensen being an asshole, but with good reason.

Some language I wrote this out of love, friendship, and respect for a dear friend who happened to have dreamed everything.

Mandy Musgrave: When we first started, we had a bunch of angry Christians and other highly religious people because they think that we're going to be turning America gay. We're just trying to show people what's going on in everyday life.

There are way more teen suicides among gay teenagers than among straight kids and that's terrible.

J’étais avec Gabrielle Christian qui interprète Spencer et elle était du genre « Comment t’as fait ça ?

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Tu es toujours joyeuse et légère et tu as fait cette scène vraiment dramatique et tu as pleuré comme si de rien n’était. Et à la fin de chaque prise tu éclates toujours de rire. C’est un véritable défi parce que je pense aux choses du passé, ou comment je me sentirais si mon père mourrait. Mais c’est la chose la plus incroyable qui puisse arriver au personnage parce que maintenant vous allez voir qui elle est réellement.Rob Benedict, the school's biggest drama nerd and goody-two-shoes, is dating Richard Speight, the school's wonder boy and football team captain.Rich convinces Rob and his friends to come to his football game and fun times ensue afterwards.(based on a prompt from my friend nic- "football player Rich fucking theater kid Rob after a football game") A family style gathering at Osric Chau's house for him and his new fiance, leads to the entire cast and many others meeting at a bar later on.En plus, il y a cette adorable relation entre Ashley et Spencer.Nous pouvons ainsi découvrir le côté doux et gentil de notre Ashley d’habitude si forte.With her approval, it was drafted, written, and now posted.In the wake of his family’s hatred, Jared is left to deal with the pieces of himself.The first play I went out for - I checked the call list and it said "usher" and I was like, "I didn't know there was a part for an usher? I quit for three of four years and joined a drama class in high school.My drama teacher told me I had great potential and was really encouraging.In my sophomore year, I decided to come out to LA to see what it was like with the management I was with. Mandy Musgrave: The fact that I can experience what it's like to be another person.I really liked it and decided to come out for pilot season. Acting like something you're not is something that everybody does - but to do it for a living and get paid for it is a great thing. Mandy Musgrave: It's a teen drama about a family that moves from a small town to LA. The daughter in the family ends up going to school and meeting this girl who has no labels.

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