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My guess is that people who have tried the service are probably resistant toward talking about it, probably due to stigmas like being seen as a loser.Another reason is that some of these people may be busy managerial executives who don’t frequent forums or write blog entries, which is also LA’s supposed target audience.

Hopefully it’ll give you some insight into their service. 😀 Today’s announcement is sort of random (but not really too).

I’ve been thinking of joining Lunch Actually, a premium matchmaking service that arranges one-to-one dates between compatible singles, and I’m intending to blog about my upcoming experience with them.

🙂 Prior to contacting Lunch Actually, I tried searching for “Lunch Actually reviews” on Google but found nothing helpful. -_-” I did find a blog where the blogger talked about his (or her?

) first and second dates, but there was no update after that.

Some of you may remember Lunch Actually from the feature I did on Celes.

TV longgggg ago in 2010; it was basically an interview I did with their CEO Violet Lim about dating tips for singles.I will not be writing about the people I meet or anything considered proprietary to their company.The former is to protect the dates’ privacy, so I hope you can understand!Incidentally, she and her husband Jamie (who is the co-founder of LA) knew about me and had been following PE even before I approached them, which I thought was really cool!During my interview, I got to know more about LA and thought it seemed like a great avenue to meet compatible people.My plan is to write about my experience with LA at the key stages of their service, from consultation to enrollment, to date arrangement, culminating to my final review of their service.I’ll be writing this review in an authentic manner, like with all things on PE.By the way, none of this writeup is sponsored in any way.I’m paying for the service myself (or rather, I’m intending to pay for it, because I’ve not even signed up yet).Rather, I’ll focus on sharing the agency’s date arrangement process and my experience with it.I seek your help to respect others’ privacy by not asking me about them, thank you!

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