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This depends on your date criteria, the candidates they have in their database, and whether you match those candidates’ criteria.I’ll also not be going on “dates” right away until after about 4-6 weeks; according to them this is standard for new members.Some of you may remember Lunch Actually from the feature I did on Celes.

I will not be writing about the people I meet or anything considered proprietary to their company.

The former is to protect the dates’ privacy, so I hope you can understand!

I’ve already booked for a consultation with them later today (they offer free consultations) and will blog about how it goes later.

* Update, July 3, 2012: Lunch Actually kindly offered to sponsor my membership of a 5-date package, but rest assured that this review will remain entirely objective as with everything I write on PE.

Cliff notes: After enrolling at Lunch Actually (with my date package sponsored by them), I went on 4 dates over a 10-month period.

I didn’t meet someone compatible though it was an interesting experience.This further reinforces my desire to blog about my experience, because I don’t think there’s anything to be ashamed about!Also, I figure there are probably some who are curious about LA or arranged dating in general, so hopefully this series will give you guys some insights into that.Rather, I’ll focus on sharing the agency’s date arrangement process and my experience with it.I seek your help to respect others’ privacy by not asking me about them, thank you!I also returned to update this review series with concluding thoughts.If you’re here to learn more about Lunch Actually, this series details my experience going through the dates.LA is present in several countries in Asia; since I’m in Singapore, I’ll be enrolling at their Singapore branch (also their head office if I’m not wrong).Because I think arranged dating and being proactive about meeting people (especially in a romantic context) are quite frowned upon in some places including Singapore, I decided to openly blog about my experience to let everyone know that there’s nothing negative or embarrassing about going on arranged dates. Case in point: I had already intended to join Lunch Actually and blog about my experience a few weeks back and briefly mentioned it to some people.Don’t expect weekly posts about LA because it doesn’t work that way.Apparently they don’t send people on weekly dates — from what I understand, it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a couple of months for someone to go on a date.

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