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They finally moved later that year and Felicity, who had substantial savings, was persuaded by Webster to add his name to her bank account.

Advances in forensic testing revealed Claire Morris had been sedated before the crash.

They are probably wondering why alarm bells weren’t ringing. ‘By the time of the car crash, I was under huge stress.

He had been drugging me on and off and my life was in turmoil.

Malcolm liked to exaggerate my condition – probably setting the scene for if I couldn’t cope and ended it all.’A fire at a warehouse in 1998 destroyed tens of thousands of pounds’ worth of belongings that they had been storing.

The couple had planned to move to New Zealand but Webster refused to leave the UK until an insurance payment of £68,000 came through.

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  • Malcolm was poisoning me from the

    Malcolm was poisoning me from the start of our marriage', says 'lucky' wife who survived male nurse's reign of terror. By Patricia Kane for MailOnline…