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The goal was to target “the boys that make the most money at auction,” as Minter put it.

Damn, first-year residence was a land of missed opportunities.” “Last year at the Atlantic Film Festival a guy came onto me and flirted with me all night. He insisted we sneak into the common room and have sex against the wall. Wildly exaggerated, completely unchecked factoids communicated poorly by the self-serving and misanthropic.” “That time I slept with someone and woke up the next morning to see several fedoras hanging on their wall.” “I've had a thing for someone for three years, and only just started hooking up with them a few months ago. Or how I realized I was becoming overweight because I discovered the guy I hooked up with was a chubby chaser for me.

I kinda lost the interest when it took so damn long to sort out these logistics (..stop at Shoppers to buy condoms) that I decided to keep it classy and order a cab home. Glad we waited because we mean a lot to each other now, but we could've been having amazing sex these past three years! Or how a guy once wanted me to Dom him BDSM-style so badly he started crying..bed...while sucking my dick.” “I was at this party for my program, and a friend of mine brought these two guys over.

Things are progressing very well for us both until I realize that I must have lost my little package of condoms somewhere.

“I gave her a tour around the city after work one night and we eventually found ourselves INSIDE the Citadel, because she was more daring than me and I'm an adventure enabler.

I still think about this dude.” “Cheating, both doing so and missed opportunities to. ” “In general, I regret hookups that happen not based on attraction, but just feeling low self-esteem or loneliness.

I'm more than happy to fuck without pursuing something romantic, but I try to avoid hooking up just because someone has expressed interest in me.” “Waiting to have sex with "someone special." That relationships is now my fiancee, and I had more than a few opportunities that I turned down because of Christian conservative bullshit. Unfortunately his friends were passed out so the room was unavailable. I guess.” “Tossing it around too easily in my youth. All we had was Risky Business, Fast Times at Ridgemont High and misinformation.

She was game, and I backed out because I don't want to leave my friends.

The same friends who laughed at me later when I told them.” “I almost had break-up sex with a recent ex.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and one of you took the one that didn't lead to Jacob Hoggard's hotel room. Asked to name your biggest sexual regret or missed opportunity, respondents of this year's Sex Dating survey mostly felt bad about the rock stars, best friends and hunky Europeans they could have banged. I guess I lost them when we were climbing the fence or something.

We searched all pockets, but they were nowhere to be found.

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