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At no time in my life do I ever remember having such hair.

At first I thought after years of blow drying and flattening it, I convinced myself, and my hair, that I’m someone else. I stared at the photo a little longer, trying to get a handle on what was beginning to look more and more like I was wearing a shower cap, when I suddenly remembered when that photo was taken. It’s just that not having anyone to talk to, even for a minute or two, has been a reoccurring fear of mine for most of my life and that photo documented one of the worst experiences of my life. Not only was nobody talking to me, but when I looked more closely at the photo I remembered that my husband, sensing how badly things were going, fell asleep.

I am forever doing other things on the side because The Fear has not yet left me and I never think I’m doing enough.

I was new to the family and no one was talking to me. In the photo, I’m leaning forward looking at him like, Please don’t die. From that point on I sat as stiff as a board unable to function. Literally no breaks at all.” “Yeah, I heard, but don’t worry.

I remember compensating for my fear by talking incessantly. Thanks for asking.” “Great, so what happened to your hair?

We’ve also got a couple of our favourite festival guests joining us for a panel discussion which I’m really excited about — Yassmin Abdel-Magied and James Farrow.

Breakfast Book Club will involve coffee and hopefully a whole lot of people getting evangelical about their favourite books.

2) Embrace your freedom to make mistakes and trust that you are making the right decisions.

Drop out, volunteer, do a big hard thing and maybe fail at it, whatever it is, just commit to it.Recently my sister-in-law emailed me a photo of me sitting next to my husband at a family gathering in her living room, about thirty years ago.What immediately struck me was that I had curly hair that day.I’d say actually, the hardest part is calling your parents all excited about whatever new thing you’re doing and having to explain, patiently, that no, you’re not getting paid yet but that you are being allowed to do a bigger better and more important job.These days I still bring home my little successes like a cat dropping dead mice on the doorstep like, “look guys! ” 1) My best advice is actually stolen from and do everything she says but especially the part about kissing sideways and down.s online producer Laura Brierley is super horrified right now and we are in talks.“I don’t know whether you’d be the sassy, cool one or the kind of surly one. She’s cool and sassy but also like a really decent person and she’s got mad dance moves.” I am going to take that.Over the next week will be showcasing some of the lovely lads and ladies who’ll be at NYWF.Here’s Heidi Pett, writer and radio maker based in Sydney, on that time when constructing a teepee and taking it to festivals seemed like a great idea, excellent podcasts and what it’s like starting out..I love when a book is so good you just want to force people around you to read it and I think that’s exactly what will happen. Skinny dipping in the baths, drinking beers in the sun, the strange little involuntary noise I made last year when Anna Krien said on a panel “oh I don’t think anybody wants to be me” because I do, so hard.I love watching internet pals blossom into real life friends and lovers, and the fever you leave with to make and do things.

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