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At MJS Electrical Services we pride ourselves on quality work, done at a fair price, completed on time. As with any successful small business, we simply can't afford to have unhappy customers.

Instead I headed to the local mall and did two sarges.

Today was one of those days where recording the set really makes a difference.

Had I not recorded set number one, I would have never noticed that I kept trying to stack after hook point, which was too much and snapped the line.

I was over working and she noticed that, thought it was weird, and walked away. I was recording my sets, but I wasn’t writing them down because I had a lot of awful sarges. They were rough and I don’t think I’m going to hit 100 for the month of December, unless I go balls to the wall the next couple days. I just counted them up, I’m at 80, so 100 should actually be no problem.

It’s a cool book with the writer herself narrating. There’s weekly tasks and you tackle one room at a time instead of getting overwhelmed trying to do everything at once, and even each room is broken down by sections.

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So far I’ve organized my kitchen and bedroom closet.What’s great is, having a couple sections in good shape gives you confidence you can get the rest of your life together.I look forward to having the kind of place where I can’t wait to be.I have a feeling this month I’m going to fall short of 100. Seems to me January and February are the coldest too months of the year so probably the worst for daygaming. After the open/compliment/stacks I’m rushing into the chode chit chat. It’s funny, I don’t get butterflies in my stomach anymore when it comes to approaching, but I still weasel. I went home after the crazy 8 opens above, but first walked once around the harbor in the cold and weaseled on the only two sets I saw. The above sets were in a mall, so they weren’t that bad. This is where I need to introduce one more story about the girl that puts her in a box she doesn’t want to be in. Girls want a sexual man who knows how to push the right buttons, not a gay best friend. I stuck to my goal of 100 sets a month in both November and December. Adding the push to the stack, wow, that’s a game changer. Keeps the conversation flirty and paints me a little bit like a bad boy. One thing I’m not keeping track of is length of sets that aren’t blow outs. All the same, I’ve been taking steps in the right direction, but there’s always other shit I could be doing. It’s like I’m so relieved I’m not getting blown out that I’m hiding my dick and going for chode chit chat to prolong the interaction, which is having the opposite effect. I’m getting tons of blow outs, but on average I think my interactions are lasting longer. I haven’t bothered to learn any disqualifications, I haven’t bothered to create any DHV stories, I haven’t bothered to learn any qualifiying questions. After you contact us, your project will be estimated by the owner of MJS Electrical Services. He will ask questions and listen to determine exactly what your project needs are.Then, suggestions will be made to meet your project needs in a way that will guarantee your safety and satisfaction. When I started writing this post I remembered doing seven sarges, but as I check my phone, turns out it was only six. Gonna sarge today, only day this week, and probably only for an hour or two.I’m taking something Nash said in the comment section very literally, “Make good use to of the downtime… and then get back to it.” I got an audio book on organization out from the library and am taking steps to get my apartment into the kind of place where I want to be.

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